On Thanksgiving it is celebrated in the United States on Thursday November 28.

Hanukkah( means dedication), feast of lights, begins on Thursday November 28 and from this day for eight days, each day one candle is lit ,the two holidays are to thank God.

Now, that the world is experiencing moments of confusion and darkness, by calling to what is evil good and good evil, let us be the light that shines in the darkness.

It is written:

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! “. Isaiah 5:20

“Woe to those who are hiding from God, concealing the council and their works are in darkness, and say, Who sees us, and who knows us? “. Isaiah 29:15

join this great feast where Jews in Israel and around the world give thanks to God, as well as Americans in the United States and around the world .

Let it be said in spanish: Gracias Dios

Let it be said in English: Thank God

Let it be said in Hebrew: Toda raba(Thank you)

Baruch Hashem; Blessed G-d!

Bore Olam; creator of the universe ,

Hakadosh Baruch hu: the Holy One, Blessed is.

What do you do in Hanukkah?


The miracle of Hanukkah( …) was a society between the human courage and divine guidance. ( … )in spite of the fact that the Jews worship the peace, we recognize that there may be moments that we must exit to the war. ( … )there are two ways in which we can deal with the world: fight or escape.

Ecclesiastees: “There is a time for peace and there is a time for war”. But the world needs to know that we are the nation of Israel, defending the land of Israel. And, like our patriarch Israel, we will fight to survive. Like the Maccabees, Israel will go to war when necessary.

To read the complete message: Los-Judios -and-the-War.html


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