Do we “Hypocrites and naive” authorities?

Lets analyse this:

. 1 – Israel captures an Iranian cargo boat containing a hidden arsenal with its destination the Gaza Strip. This capture is a great event, as this arsenal was to be used by Palestinian Arab terrorists against the civilian population of the State of Israel. Surprisingly, the representative of EU foreign policy, Catherie Ashton, who was visiting Iran, made ​​no comment on the seized cargo. But as Netanyahu said, if Israel decides to make a balcony in Jerusalem, the entire international community condemns the fact.

Netanyahu y militares   Catherine Ashton

2 – The civilian population of Israel is attacked from Gaza by Palestinian Arab terrorists with 80 missiles in one day (imagine what would have happened if they had made ​​it through the entire arsenal seized) on this date the Secretary of State, John Kerry gives statements in which he says that it is wrong to ask the Palestinian Authority to recognize Israel as a state. Where is your condemnation of the terrorist attack?

terroristas   Kerry, desconectado

3 – The Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas , did he  just met with President Obama and said that the fourth release of prisoners, including Israeli-Arabs, will show the seriousness of Israel toward the peace process?

Obama y Abbas   images

4 – Civilians in Syria have spent three years fighting for freedom from the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad, civilians that have been attacked with chemical weapons, and all they have to protect themselves are the clothes they wear. Where are the Human Rights and the United Nations? Are they still counting the dead or are they tired?

SiriaONUSiria 1

5 -. Civilians in Venezuela, are on their second month, fighting for freedom from the Chavez regime. As a result we have dozens of dead, young prisoners, the people standing in the streets. Where are Human Rights, the United Nations, UNASUR, OAS, UNASUR, MERCOSUR, ALBA TCP, LAIA, CELAC, CAN?

venezuela-marcha-estudiantes-320x176   OEA2-655x434   venezuela-protestas-16-marzo-2014-320x213   Venezuela sangra

Do we have “Hypocrites and naive” authorities such as said by the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu?

Israel, you have made your sword like the floor or street you go over. No more!

The God of ancient times is your refuge and His arms are eternal. The shooing the enemy before you and will encourage you to annihilate. Deuteronomy 33.27


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