“Yom Hashoá Vehagevura” /”Day of Holocaust and Heroism.”

“Yom Hashoá Vehagevura”, literally translated as the “Day of Holocaust and Heroism.”

Date of Commemoration: Day 27 of the month of Nissan

Begins at sunset and ends after nightfall of the following day.

The official opening ceremony will be held at Yad Vashem on Sunday April 27 at 20 am.

Who chose this date?:

It was selected by a resolution passed by the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, April 12, 1951.

Although this date was established by the Israeli government, it has become a day of celebrations for the Jewish communities and individuals worldwide.

Official name: Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust and Heroism.

It was formalized by a law passed by the Knesset on August 19, 1953.

In March 4, 1959, the Knesset passed another law that determined to give tribute to teh victims of the Holocaust in celebration of the uprisings in the ghettos.

Photos of the concentration camps (each black dot represents one)

grave 5 300 puntos

They had over 300 concentration camps announced by the nazis. Everyone knew it.

existencia anunciado por los nazis 1933


They knew hunger, losing their strenghts, sickened and died on the floor.

hambre perdieron sus fuerzas

la foto muerto en el suelo72 muertes en 24 horas

The gas chambers.

mano maquinas de gas

monton cerros de cuerpos

Let’s not allow the world to erase this embarrassing event of humanity.  

tenian piojos apilados

levante-gueto-varsovia-70anos-afp-2 Rumbo-Arrestos-Treblinka-levantamiento-Varsovia_CLAIMA20130419_0110_14

How do you remember Israel?

– Memorial ceremonies across the country.

– The entertainment areas are closed.

– Official acts are transmitted live through radio and television.

– The sound of a siren sounds for two minutes throughout the country. As long as the sound keeps going, work stops, people stop walking the streets, cars stop        on the road and everyone is silent, attentively and reverently remember the victims of the Holocaust.

– Start the day with the presence of the President of State and the Prime Minister, survivors, children of survivors and their families.

– Six torches representing the six million Jews murdered light.

– Throughout the day television and radio broadcast programs about the Holocaust.

450px-Yom_HaShoah_Flags_halfmast 3raGeneracion230x150-SP Dia del Holocausto y Heroismo

silencio copia 20110503-195132 obamam_0

April 19, 1943 began the final action of the annihilation of the ghettos. That day began the rebellion led by Mordechai Anielewicz, commander of the Jewish Organization Combatants.The Warsaw ghetto uprising served as an example for other ghettos and camps. The uprisings conducted elsewhere were smaller by isolation, lack of weapons and hostile environment.

It’s good to let people know that the Jews were not like sheep in slaughter, but they fought to the end for freedom and life like heroes.

What date did the “UN” choose?

The General Assembly of the United Nations decided that the United Nations will designate January 27, International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.

27 de enero

So we have two dates:

Commemoration date of the “ONU: JANUARY. 27

Commemorating date of ISRAEL: MARCH, 27.

This reminds me of the phrase; “Lets have nothing, nothing to do with the Jews.”



This is a collection of documentaries which Alfred Hitchcock developed, this documentary on the Nazi extermination camps was kept in the Imperial War Museum abandoned for over 50 years.

Hablada en Ingles y subtitulada en castellano:


Lets not let the world want to put the tape under the carpet or furniture as a shameful event for humanity. Let not any ceremony or event be erased from our memory, the pain and death of 6 million Jews that were deprived from their freedom, separated from their loved ones, locked in ghettos where they met hunger, lost their physical strength, not having water, food, clothing and forced labor. Stripped of everything but their desire to be free, because they died fighting for it.

Pictures of Hitler with some leaders.

hitler-y-el-cardenal-sobre-escritos-y-pinturas-juan-carlos-boveri hitler_2 curasnazis


The phrase; “Lets have nothing, nothing to do with the Jews.”

That zeal, that has no feelings toward Jews, its so big that they would even change the dates and names of the celebrations and festivities, highlighted by The Eternal, Yah Elohim.

Jesus of Nazareth or Christ (Greek) was a Jew, with Jewish name, his real name; Y’shua.

Why not say that Yeshua was a very devout Jew, went to the temple, kept the Holy Feasts and celebrated Passover with his disciples before going to the Mount of Olives to pray when he was arrested by the Romans.



Why not say that Gd commands us to go up each year on the dates indicated to Jerusalem, the Holy City, the capital of Israel, where the Temple that Solomon built the king’s son David (now wailing wall) worshiped HIM, God of gods,  Yah Elohim the only true God.

templo-jerusalen Temple_Alec_Garrard Muro de los lamentos

Muro Papa Papa 2

When I see those monumental premises taht are constructed, full of luxury, royalty, giant statues and hear them saying:

“Come to the house of God,” “This is the temple where dwells the presence of the Lord” “Come and bring your tithes and offerings”

I think the dark ages where the kingdom of Israel was divided into two; the southern kingdom and the northern kingdom.

Rehoboam reigns in the south (the tribe of Judah, Benjamin and the Levites) took Judah and Jerusalem, where the temple was, taking the capital.

divisionReinoExilio1000 copia

Jeroboam reigns in the north (ten tribes without Levites) took the name of Israel. 1st Kings 12:26-31

Jeroboam begins to fear having; land and subjects, but no temple or priests. He understands that on the dates indicated, they (the people of Israel) will want to go to Jerusalem, to the Temple to worship Al Lord, the Great King.

Then you think of a great idea; make idols, images, giant statues, places of worship, shrines and told the people:

“Stop going to Jerusalem to worship, here are your gods Israel”. And common men were established as priests.

1ª reyes

Y `shua knew there was only one temple, as such preached in houses, as did the apostles. It is the duty of every “religious leader” telling his congregation that should go up to Jerusalem, capital of Israel, to worship the Lord. Perhaps they are afraid of losing your congregation? Jeroboam’s fear?

It seems that history repeats itself.

Second Chronicles 6:5

Says the Lord; From the day that I brought My people from the land of Egypt, I chose no city among the tribes of Israel to build a house where my name was there, or choose any man to be prince of my people Israel. But (finally) I have chosen Jerusalem that my name was there and I chose David to be king over my people Israel.

Crónicas  copia crónicas

Porque así como el mancebo se desposa con una doncella, así tu constructor se desposara contigo, como el novio se regocija de su novia, así se regocijará tu Dios de ti. He emplazado centinelas sobre tus muros oh Jerusalén. Nunca se descuidaran, ni de día ni de noche. Los que recordáis al Eterno Sus promesas, no toméis descanso, ni le concedáis descanso hasta que establezca a Jerusalén y vuelva a hacer de ella una alabanza en la tierra.  Isaías 62:7



Polonia, las mujeres y el Holocausto

3 obras revolucionarias revelan hechos perturbadores sobre los perpetradores del genocidio.





Y´shua celebra Pesaj: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxOQrzeieBc



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