What kind of angel investor are you? / ¿Qué tipo de inversionista ángel es usted? – OurCrowd


The million-dollar question: What kind of angel investor are you?

As an angel investor, you already likely know (or soon will) that there is a long list of young technology companies and enthusiastic entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, ready to pitch to you in the hopes of securing an investment.

For example: OurCrowd screens at least 200 companies a month before we choose who to meet, and of those, the 2-4% to invest in and present to our accredited investor community. In addition, we have our own set of criteria for who and what we’ll offer as investment opportunities.

So… how do you identify investments?

How do you choose which company’s deck to review, which CEO to meet with?

Most likely, as an angel investor, you fit a certain type. Knowing what drives you to invest in a particular startup may help you consolidate the time and energy that goes into your investing strategy.

Lo más probable es que, como inversionista ángel, se ajuste a cierto tipo. Saber qué lo impulsa a invertir en una empresa en particular puede ayudarlo a consolidar el tiempo y la energía que entra en su estrategia de inversión.

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