$450,000 Esport Scholarship

Wow! Tiene como objetivo ayudar a los adolescentes a ingresar a la industria de los deportes, independientemente de su nivel de educación o sus habilidades.


Find Your Grind (FYG) and ReKTGlobal are working together to make $450,000 Esports scholarship fund. Their goal is to help teens enter the esport industry regardless of their education level or their skill. The scholarship doesn’t need to just be used for college but also can be used to start a business or buy equipment.


To qualify for the scholarship they want to know about your background and aspirations, not your education or gaming skills. This collaboration is aimed to show young people that there are career paths int he Esports industry that they can take.

As part of the collaboration ReKTGlobal will help guide FYG on the strategies for the Esports industry. Also ReKTGlobal will be making the curriculum for FYG.

FYG:  Find Your Grind

ReKT: ReKTGlobal

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