School in China for Gamers

Lanxiang Technical School es una escuela en China que ahora tiene un programa Esports. Los estudiantes entrenan en juegos populares como League of Legends, Overwatch y, PUBG. Con el crecimiento de la industria de Esports, Lanxiang Technical School planea capacitar a los futuros campeones de Esports. La escuela no solo se centra en las habilidades de juego, sino también en otros aspectos de la industria, como el coaching, la gestión, los lanzadores y muchos otros.
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Lanxiang Technical School is a school in China that now has an Esports program. The program started with 50 students. The students train in popular games like League of Legends, Overwatch and, PUBG. With the Esports industry growing Lanxiang Technical School plans on training the future Esports champions.


The gaming industry is still growing. An estimate of 260 million people play video games worldwide.  It is estimated that the Esports economy will grow to $905 millions in the next year according to Newzoo. The school doesn’t just focusing in gaming skills but also other aspects of the industry like coaching, managing, casters and many others.

The course lasts 3 years in which the first year compromises of gaming and theory. After that they are separated into groups so that they can focus on whatever aspect of the gaming industry that they want.

Tuition costs 13,000 YUAN a year  which is…

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