Las 13 frases de mujeres pioneras con las que Google celebra el Día Internacional de la Mujer / Google Celebrates International Women’s Day 2019 With 13 Quotes and Doodles

El doodle del buscador de Google celebra el Día Internacional de la Mujer con una presentación de diapositivas con frases de mujeres pioneras internacionales del pasado como del presente.

Hoy las frases de las mujeres mexicanas, estadounidenses, alemanas, japonesas, indias, brasileñas, anglo-iraquí, rusas, francesas, chinas, taiwanesas y nigerianas aparecen en el doodle de Google como parte de la celebración de este día.

De igual forma, las citas fueron diseñadas por artistas mujeres, invitadas de todo el mundo. Esto con el fin de resaltar las frases más importantes que han dicho las mujeres a través de la historia.

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Frida Kahlo, artista mexicana

Dra. Mae Jemison, astronauta y física estadounidense

Emma Herwegh, escritora alemana

Yoko Ono, artista multimedia japonesa

NL Beno Zephine, diplomática India

Mary Kom, boxeadora india

Clarice Lispector, novelista brasilera

Zaha Hadid, arquitecta anglo-iraquí

Millicent Fawcett, escritora y sufragista británica

Marina Tsvetáyeva, poeta rusa

George Sand, novelista francesa

Sammao, escritora taiwanesa

Chimamanda Adichie, escritora nigeriana


Google Celebrates International Women’s Day 2019 With 13 Quotes and Doodles

Guest artists featured in today’s Doodle

(in alphabetical order)

Based in Dubai, UAE, women-owned design studio Abjad Design created the design below.

Q: How do you personally interpret the quote you designed?

A: Zaha’s quote carries with it a sense of hope and optimism for a brighter and better future. That is to say, that the future itself is an “idea” worth pursuing and not just a timeframe.

Based in Curitiba, Brazil, Brazilian type artist Cyla Costa created the designs below.

Q: How do you personally interpret the Clarice Lispector quote you designed?

A: Such a simple sentence, however so powerful: for me it means the power of self-overcoming and a woman’s reflection on what she really is versus what society says she should be. Let each woman choose her own version of “I”.

Based in the United States, American illustrator Melissa Crowton created the multilingual opening and closing images in today’s Doodle.

Q: What inspired your approach to the images you designed for the Doodle?

A: Although it is often hard to communicate so much in one image, I was inspired by the diversity of the women of the world and wanted my image to reflect that. Each element is unique in shape, texture, and size, which I found to be an apt representation of the beauty of our community.

Based in Brighton, UK, British designer and illustrator Kate Forrester created the design below.

Q: What does International Women’s Day mean to you personally?

A: It is a chance to celebrate the progress we have made and consider what is yet to change for the better.

Based in Munich, Germany, German designer and lettering artist Rosa Kammermeiercreated the design below.

Q: What inspired the visual concept for your final quote design?

A: I was inspired by the idea of freedom, and chose a bird escaping from his cage as a symbol for the freedom of your mind.

Based in Mumbai, India, Indian paper typographer and illustrator Sabeena Karnik created the designs below.

Q: How do you personally interpret the NL Beno Zephine quote you designed?

A: This quote for me is so inspiring and uplifting. These are words by Beno Zephine, India’s first visually challenged woman in the Indian foreign service. This line can push and motivate anyone to achieve their dreams just as she never stopped pursuing hers.

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