Cyber Segurity

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That plane leaving from Sydney to Abu Dhabi was going to be exploded in midair. And we found out through our cyber activities, that ISIS was going to do this so we alerted Australian police and they stopped this before it happened. That’s a more effective way.

Ese avión que partía de Sydney a Abu Dhabi iba a explotar en el aire. Y, a través de nuestras actividades cibernéticas, descubrimos que ISIS iba a hacer esto, por lo que alertamos a la policía australiana y lo detuvieron antes de que sucediera. Esa es una manera más efectiva.

This affects every country in the world. It affects every person in the world. It affects them not only in aviation and transportation, it affects them in everything. Israel has seized the opportunities and meeting the dangers, and invite you to do the same with us in partners

Esto afecta a todos los países del mundo. Afecta a cada persona en el mundo. Los afecta no solo en la aviación y el transporte, los afecta en todo. Israel ha aprovechado las oportunidades y los peligros(…)

Following is an excerpt from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks, at Tel Aviv University Cyber Week:

“We’re encouraging international associations. Both government to government in cooperation on the questions of cybersecurity, a very complex issue. We have today cooperation first with our great and irreplaceable ally the United States of America. We cooperate in cybersecurity as never before and in many other fields of intelligence.

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