Una “elección” inválida porque el ganador Alberto de Belaunde no es congresista?

Una “elección” inválida porque el ganador De Belaunde ya no es congresista desde el 1 de octubre, de acuerdo con su propia decisión de apoyar la disolución inconstitucional del Congreso peruano, perpetrado por M. Vizcarra, respaldado por las fuerzas armadas.

Announced: 2019 Tammy Baldwin Breakthrough Award Nominees

Today we announced our nominees for the 2019 Tammy Baldwin Breakthrough Award – an annual award given to an up-and-coming state or local LGBTQ elected official whose promising political career will move equality forward for LGBTQ people. The award is named after U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin because she exemplifies our mission: an accomplished LGBTQ elected official who moved up the political ladder to achieve great success – first as an out elected official on the Dane County (WI) Board of Supervisors, then as a Wisconsin state Representative, U.S. Representative and now U.S. Senator.

Victory Institute supporters can vote for the nominee they believe is most deserving of the award via online ballot now through Monday, October 7. The winner will be announced on October 9 and be honored with the award at our International LGBTQ Leaders Conference in Washington, DC this November.

To read the full article:


Hoy anunciamos a nuestros nominados para el Premio Tammy Baldwin Breakthrough Award 2019, un premio anual otorgado a un prometedor funcionario electo LGBTQ estatal o local cuya prometedora carrera política hará avanzar la igualdad para las personas LGBTQ.


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