The Hebrew Month of Cheshvan / El Mes Hebreo de Jeshván

Thursday, October 7, 2021

1 Cheshvan, 5782

Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan
Torah Reading
Numbers 28:1-3; Numbers 28:3-15


The Unextinguishable Soul

It is a love more fierce than death…its coals burn with the fire of a divine flame. The mightiest oceans are incapable of extinguishing this love, and rivers cannot wash it away.
—Song of Songs 8:6–7.

Deep within the human soul burns an intense love, a yearning to reunite with the Infinite Light from which it emerged.

The flood of anxieties that fill this world are incapable of inundating that love. The rapid rivers of the busiest, noisiest life cannot wash it away.

Because it is not a flame lit by human hands, not a love born of human imagination. It is an innate love, divinely forged, a love that lies at the very essence. For all this world was only made to serve this love, to fall into the harmony of its spell.

Ride above the waves. Surround yourself with an ark of divine wisdom and precious deeds, and let the flood of waters carry you high.

That flame will burst into a brilliant fire. For all the challenges it has faced will have rendered it that much greater.

Mayim Rabim 5738


En lo profundo del alma humana arde un amor intenso, un anhelo de reunirse con la Luz Infinita de la que surgió.

La avalancha de ansiedades que invaden este mundo son incapaces de inundar ese amor. Los rápidos ríos de la vida más bulliciosa y ruidosa no pueden lavarlo.

Porque no es una llama encendida por manos humanas, no es un amor nacido de la imaginación humana. Es un amor innato, divinamente forjado, un amor que está en la esencia misma. Porque todo este mundo fue hecho solo para servir a este amor, para caer en la armonía de su hechizo.

Cabalga sobre las olas. Rodéate de un arca de sabiduría divina y obras preciosas, y deja que el torrente de aguas te lleve alto.

Esa llama estallará en un fuego brillante. A pesar de todos los desafíos que ha enfrentado, será mucho mayor.

Mayim Rabim 5738

Is This Month Cheshvan or Marcheshvan?

I’m confused about the name of this Jewish month. Some call it “Cheshvan” and others say “Marcheshvan.” To complicate matters, on your own site, you have it both ways. So what is the correct name for this month, Cheshvan or Marcheshvan?

To read the full article:



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