Chinese Billionaire Li Ka-Shing Invests in Israel’s Technion University

Launch of Technion-Guangdong Institute of Technology – TGIT Technion Into China

Inspirational Life Story of Chinese Billionaire Li Ka-Shing

1.- Devote yourself to work
2.- Give your employees a sense of belonging
3.- Don´t waste ypur money
4.- Acquire knowledge
5.- Map out your strategy
6.- Be prepared for rainy days
7.- Strive prepared for rainy days
8.- Look beyond money
9.- Fight for your principles
10.- Contribute to the world

1. Dedícate al trabajo
2.- Dar a sus empleados un sentido de pertenencia
3.- No malgastes tu dinero
4.- Adquiere conocimientos
5.- Ten un Mapa de tu estrategia
6. Estar preparado para los días de lluvia
7.- Esfuércese, preparado, para los días lluviosos
8.- Mira más allá del dinero
9.- Lucha por tus principios
10.- Contribuir al mundo





Continuing innovation is the key to organizations’ competitiveness in the business world. But how should you think about innovation? In what areas should you innovate? Using which tools? How should you incorporate it in other activities? The Technion Innovation Center leads you along the journey of the idea from beginning to its end, while initiating organizational processes, exposing you to tools and methods, academic knowledge, and connection to the academy, the government and many organizations within the industry (…)


Identifying a Need -Idea Generation -Appraisal & Selection – Idea Movilization -Implementing the idea up to Innovation

1.- Identifying a need and defining the problem

The first and complicated step of the journey of an idea is to identify a need and focus the problem, in light of thecorporate vision and strategy. Accurate analyses of all problems’ aspects are basedon broad knowledge base and (…)

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In April 1912 the cornerstone was laid for the first Jewish university in the Middle East, the Technikum later to be called Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. The Technion opened its door for the first students in 1924 and the engineers and scientists educated there were instrumental in building the country.

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