Thirty-one people have been included in the UK New Year’s Honours List for their contribution to Holocaust Education, among them many Holocaust / Treinta y una personas han sido incluidas en la Lista de Honores de Año Nuevo del Reino Unido por su contribución a la Educación sobre el Holocausto.

Several Holocaust survivors honored by the Queen in UK New Year’s Honours List

Honors are conferred “on deserving people from all walks of life, in public recognition of their merit, service or bravery,” twice a year, ahead of the New Year and on the Queen’s official birthday.

Anne Frank’s diary is now a comic book; animated film will follow

“I’m worried we’re coming to an era where there won’t be Holocaust survivors on Earth, no living witnesses to tell the story,” said Folman, who was born to Holocaust survivors whom he said told him and his sister “way, way too many” horrible stories from the genocide. As they disappear, “the entire story of the Holocaust risks becoming something ancient so it’s essential to find ways to preserve” interest in the Holocaust, he said during a Q&A in Paris (…)

Authorized graphic diary illustrates teen’s dreams and fantasies, draws from her humorous anecdotes, features allusions to Munch and Klimt

PARIS (JTA) — In a bid to preserve interest in the Holocaust by future generations, the Basel-based Anne Frank Foundation unveiled the first authorized comic book based on the teenager’s famous diary written in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam.

The 148-page adaptation, which is to be published September 18 in France and in some 40 languages worldwide, was presented to journalists in the French capital Thursday by the graphic diary’s illustrator, David Polonsky from Israel, and its writer, the Israeli film director Ari Folman, who is working on the first full-length authorized animation film based on the comic book (…)

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