Thirty-one people have been included in the UK New Year’s Honours List for their contribution to Holocaust Education, among them many Holocaust / Treinta y una personas han sido incluidas en la Lista de Honores de Año Nuevo del Reino Unido por su contribución a la Educación sobre el Holocausto.

Several Holocaust survivors honored by the Queen in UK New Year’s Honours List

Honors are conferred “on deserving people from all walks of life, in public recognition of their merit, service or bravery,” twice a year, ahead of the New Year and on the Queen’s official birthday.

UK refuses to sign Paris declaration, warns summit may harden Palestinian positions


Breaking ranks with 70 other nations, London laments that confab held without Israelis and Palestinians, ‘just days before transition to new US president’

Dramatically breaking ranks with participants from 70 other countries, the United Kingdom criticized Sunday’s Middle East peace conference in Paris (…)

According to a report in the British press, London refused to send a high-level delegation to the Paris conference to appease US President-elect Donald Trump, who reportedly disapproved of the conference as well (…)

Rather than send a minister or its ambassador in Paris to Sunday’s conference, which hosted representatives from 70 countries, the United Kingdom had three junior diplomats attend. Some 35 countries send their foreign minister to Paris for the event, including the US, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Norway, Sweden and Egypt(…)

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